My Date with Drew Cary and Jim Brown… That I Can’t Remember

incel wannabe

So as I sipped the ice water and leaned over to my right. After being introduced I had to say something. I don’t get to meet TV celebrity’s everyday. “So Drew…how do you know Theresa?”

The smile broke across his face”Hey call me DC!!” He had a quick laugh. “It’s actually very funny. She had approached an agency with her third manuscript and this agency has an affiliation with my agent.”

I shook my head. “Small world”

He nodded. “Well yea in Cleveland” His brow furrowed as his hand went to the crystal bowl of peanuts. “And how did you know her?”

I gave a swift head shake. “It’s a little strange…we actually have never met.” His brow went to furrow again. I took a sip of the Chablis then smiled. “Okay don’t laugh. We started to chat over the internet on this system” He blew a faux raspberry into the air.

“Match dot com? You mean one of those internet dating things?”

“Hey…the internet dating system” I went for sarcasm. Pride had already slipped into the abyss…dignity could still be salvaged with a dash of humor.” I saw her picture. Red hair, green eyes, 5’10’…great neck…she was wearing pearls.”

He stared back “Pearls?”

“Yea pearls. I thought she was very attractive. She added another picture which intriguing as well very sort of academic…ginger freckles, glasses, wool sweater. She is attractive isn’t she?

He nodded again. “Well I will say she is a delight and when my agent introduced us I was smitten. Charm, insightful, sensual… .”

“Yes I felt this also but…. we never really had the ah…meeting.”

“No date?”

“No well I sent my picture and some witty notes but I guess the chemistry wasn’t there.” I smiled… “Anyway something happened and…. I can’t really explain it but we stayed in touch. We would send emails back and forth.” I was not admitting to Drew Carey that I was a romantic.

To his credit and contrary to the Hollywood sterotypes. he was empathetic…just like on the show. “Right… well that happens. You’ve kept in touch and now that she is hitched and happy you have a good friend. He looked across the room at her and then back to me. “Something must have gone right.That why she invited you today.’

My head was up. “Right…absolutely…and she is great”. I smiled again then glanced across the white tablecloth at the large man whose face I known only from TV.

I leaned back over to Carey. “DC…is that…

“Yea that’s him. NFL flippen legend.”

I tried to hold in my awe… Jim Brown.

Carey smiled. “I met him years ago. Nice guy. The real deal. I can introduce you…hold-on.” He put down his glass.

“Hey Jim. How are you? I want to introduce you to this guy who is a big fan.” Browns’ face was aglow. This was a surprise. You would expect after all of the se years of celebrity he would have grown tired of this but he was sincerely pleasant.

“Hey nice to meet ya…If you’re a friend of Drew’s you must be okay” His laugh was deep.

I smiled. “Well no actually we just met here at the table…but I have been a fan of yours for forty years”.

Brown’s face went straight.”Hey …you don’t look that old” He laughed again from the inside of a barrel. “How do you know TC? Did you teach together??

I was a little shy about the story now.

“No well we met on a project …working on the internet.”

He was earnest now. “Well she is great…very kind, very funny. Odd things happen to her all the time. Like the time she was in the Lincoln Memorial with her friends.” He looked over at her across the room at the head table. His eyes squinted. “I have to admit I have had a crush on her for a long time.”

“Crush? looking at his still massive arms…Jim Brown has a crush on TC??!! Wow…That’s big

So looking across the room and seeing members of the Cleveland State faculty along with Stargate cast, Frank McCourt and other members of the Justice League…in dress uniform, I had to admit that I was no match for the new Green Lantern and with her auburn hair they were perfect match. Spotting Wonder Woman sitting next to Jerry Springer and Art Model, I raised my brows to her and smiled thinking. I could use a flight back to New Haven in an invisible plane.